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This Month In Music | May Edition

This Month In Music - May

This Month in Music we’re bringing you some of the best releases for May, and who you should be keeping an eye on in the Australian music scene. We guarantee that some of these talented artists are going to blow up in the coming year!

Honey Promo Image

Miles de Carteret ‘Honey’

‘Honey’, the debut single from Melbourne act Miles de Carteret, lives true to its title and pulls you into this sticky, sweet, but incredibly comforting hug. The song reflects the concept of loving someone with their flaws and failures; the slow synths, soaring vocals, and gorgeous harmonies mix together effortlessly to embrace this feeling. The duo teamed up with producer Oscar Dawson and together they have created a seamless balance between mellow and precise; a track perfect for a comfy afternoon siesta.

NGAIIRE promo image

NGAIIRE ‘House on a Rock’

There are only weeks to go until NGAIIRE’s new album The Blastoma is released. To keep us on the edge of our seats she’s gifted us a new single, ‘House on a Rock.’ It’s just as electric and powerful as you’d expect the Sydney based singer to be. With heavy keys and a colourful chorus the density of the song shows a strong vocal quality that varies from what we’ve heard in previous singles like ‘Once.’ It proves to be another reason why we should all be excited for the album and the treasures it will bring.

The Byzantines promo image

The Byzantines ‘Jamaica’

Adelaide’s loveable brit-pop band The Byzantines gives us a first taste of new music since their self-title EP released in 2014. ‘Jamaica’ delivers a brooding charm that soaks through every inch of your body. The steamy vocals of front man Michael Pietrafesa exudes an injured but viperous tone that helps to unravel the story behind the lyrics; a man left behind with a broken heart. The ominous vibe that seeps through that killer bass line and fusion of electronics makes this one hell of a tune, and a promising taste for what’s to come.

Glass Animals promo image

Glass Animals ‘Life Itself’

After a long awaited return (2 years to be precise) Oxford band Glass Animals are back with their new single ‘Life Itself.’  The song is louder and more demanding than some of their previous singles. It begins almost film like; with hard cuts then swirling into instrumentals, building rhythm and melody with an undercurrent of bouncy beats. Once the synths kick in, there’s a lot going on and you could almost get lost, but in a good way. It’s the first track to be taken from their highly anticipated second album ‘How to be a human being,’ which is due to be released later this year. Cannot wait!

Alexander Biggs promo image

Alexander Biggs ‘Out in the Dark’

This gorgeous tune comes from Melbourne artist Alexander Biggs, whose name has been circulating for a few months now.  ‘Out of the Dark,’ reminds me of a delicate flower. Its soft vocals and stunning strings seem to just float in the breeze. The production and sound arrangements radiate throughout the song, and it just makes you feel real nice inside. It’s just a really pretty song, and apparently it was recorded out of his bedroom! Definitely one artist to keep your eye on this coming year.

So that was This Month in Music. Make sure to check out the musicians we’ve mentioned and to let us know of anyone we should keep an eye on during July!