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Demazzi’s Stonegrill Restaurant Review

Demazzi's Stonegrill

Picture this: It’s a Saturday afternoon, you’ve been home all day doing your weekly chores and you want to go out but you haven’t made plans with any friends, what do you do? You go out to the local cafe or restaurant of course! Essendon based restaurant, Demazzi’s Stonegrill is perfect for spending one of those casual afternoons or nights with a couple of friends.

The way the food comes presented is spectacular. There will definitely be a couple of Instagram worthy moments here. Turnaround time from ordering to serving the food was between 10 to 15 minutes which is especially good if you’re so hungry that your stomach’s grumbling! The average price of a main dish is around $20 to $40, which is good for the quantity and the quality of the food you are receiving.

The unique thing about this restaurant is that there’s a section in the menu where you can pick a type of meat and have it cook right in front of you on a hot piece of stone. Whether you’re craving red meat, chicken or fish, you can have it cooked right in front of you on your plate. This comes with two sides, your choice of, fries, salad, veggies or fried rice. There are also vegetarian options here.

Eye fillet on the stonegrill w/ veggies & kifler potatoes πŸ΄πŸ˜…

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Other notable menu items are the Grilled Salmon on Moroccan couscous & chick peas w mango chutney, if you’re after just a light dish, or even the Gnocchi lightly pan fried in burnt butter & pesto sauce w pumpkin onion & spinach, if you were after a really satisfying pasta dish.

If you find you still have enough room for dessert, and let’s face it everyone has room for dessert, then you’re in for a treat. You can either go for a dessert burger or a milkshake, both beautiful enough to share on Instagram. If you do share these incredible creations and you tag #demazzi and #melbournefood, you could win one of their monthly giveaways. Everyone loves to win anything for something as simple taking a snap of your food.

Nutella burger from @demazzi_essendon πŸ‘…πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ«πŸŒ°πŸ“πŸ”

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Demazzi’s Stonegrill offers a casual meal that is both delicious and aesthetically appealing, served by friendly staff. If you’re thinking of going in large groups of more than six it is best to book ahead of time.

Demazzi’s Stonegrill

4/1142 Mount Alexander Road,

Essendon VIC 3040

Telephone: (03) 9379 5544

Instagram: http://instagram.com/demazzi_essendon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Demazzi-Melbourne-222320091164240/