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Bendigo Writers Festival

I love to travel, whether it be overseas or around our own country; I especially love a good road trip. You can find some great things in rural Australia; unique stores full of hand-made goodies, beautiful scenery, and amazing food and wine. What I wouldn’t have expected to find is an event full of creative inspiration and motivation from some of our best writers. Bendigo has had some fantastic cultural events lately, including the recent Marilyn Monroe exhibition, and we can now add the Writers Festival as of these successes.

Bendigo Writers Festival

Brave Enough brought together Benjamin Law, Ita Buttrose, Graeme Simsion, and David Astle to speak about bravery, taking risks, and creativity in general. Cheryl Strayed was initially booked to appear (the title of the event being named after one of her books) but unfortunately had to cancel due to a family emergency.

To hear these writers, all from different fields, speak about their own creative processes and the paths they have taken to get to where they are today was utterly inspiring. This coming from an aspiring writer’s point of view of course, but it was also beneficial to anyone who is working towards a creative goal. It was so refreshing to hear differing points of view on how to build your creativity, what constitutes bravery, and if boundaries are conducive to being creative.

We must make mistakes in order to learn and move forward, this often involves taking risks. But are we really brave if what we’re doing doesn’t feel like bravery but rather something we have no choice but to do? This is just one of the questions we are left with, as well as the responses of the writers which were varied and wise, each in their own way.

It was so interesting, so heart-warming, and so funny, I think the audience could’ve sat there and listened to the writers speak for hours. To get to witness such an insightful discussion of risk-taking and writing in general was a worthwhile experience and one I would recommend to anybody needing some motivation in their creative endeavours.

The Bendigo Writers Festival had many other wonderful talks, unfortunately it only ran for the one weekend.  Melbourne Writers Festival is coming up however, and will run from August 26th until September 4th, so we should have a great deal of inspiration coming our way.

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