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Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first | LuxBite Review

LuxBite Cafe

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.” – Ernestine Ulmer

LuxBite is a small café located down the road from South Yarra Station, and is known for its macaroons and small cakes. However, if you’re in town for a drink and some brunch they also provide a wide selection of savoury options that Melbournians are known to love.

The café is decorated with plants, marble tables, and metal chairs; a charming and complementary aesthetic to its menu. At the counter there’s a glass cabinet showcasing a range of their cakes – a sweet tooth’s dream. Visitors have the choice of ordering their singular favourites, or for any newcomer, like me, you can order a “Signature Tea Set” which provides you with the top nine desserts.

The set includes: heilala vanilla crème brûlée macaroon, blue Calpis cheesecake, caramel cravings, lollybag cake (as seen on MasterChef), endless love macaroon (inspired by Pierre Herme’s), green tea cheesecake, kuma (bear) tart, bamboo oolong tea macaroon and lemon, lime and bitters tart.

If you prefer lighter and zesty desserts like me then the blue Calpis cheesecake; lemon, lime and bitters tart; and bamboo oolong tea macaroon are some divine options to satisfy your cravings. They’re easy to devour without overwhelming your senses with sweetness and the bamboo oolong tea macaroon is a must try due to the unique flavour.

Otherwise the kuma tart, endless love macaroon, or lollybag cake are some sweeter alternatives for the serious dessert eaters. The kuma – Japanese for ‘bear’ – tart is especially interesting, as the name suggests the banana cream filled cake is made into the mould of a bear face which you cut into!

Finally, if you prefer denser treats then the green tea cheesecake, crème brulee macaroon, and caramel cravings are the choices for you. One of the servers will direct you to start with the lighter cakes, gradually building until the heavier cakes such as caramel cravings. While the cakes look deceptively small on the platter set, it took a combined effort between my partner and I to finish them. It’s good value for money, and the perfect option if you’re bad at choosing between favourites.

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Overall, LuxBite is a haven for every dessert lover in Melbourne, their unique twist exemplifies them from other cafes. It’s a great place for meeting a friend, a date, or to even just have some time alone to relax during the day. Whether it be sweet or savoury LuxBite definitely caters to all tastes.

For more information on LuxBite and its menu please check out their website